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The Journal of Grievances

The Journal of Grievances is a unique platform for independent photographers of all experience levels to showcase their work alongside professional and renowned photographers. Previous volumes include names such as Judith Black, Michal E. Northrup, Julia Gillard, Kent Andreasen, Jenia Fridlyand, Alys Tomlinson and Michal Chelbin.

The themed open-call aims to bring a unique perspective based on an outlined brief for each edition, the work selected is then set to be featured in a printed publication. Each edition has its own and different curating, editing, designing and production process and so, the methodology will vary for every publication. All information regarding future open calls will be shared through our instagram and on this site. Please visit our FAQ page for more information regarding guidelines. 

Collaborations & Partnerships

We welcome editors, designers, publishers, platforms, individuals and organizations to reach out if there is an interest of any sort to participate and collaborate with us on future volumes of The Journal of Grievances. We are also interested in collaborating with bookstores and galleries to design and host exhibitions/releases for our future publications. The main goal of the Journal is to provide participating artists with a wide range of opportunities and insights into the field of publishing and printed arts.

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Sasha, Ukraine 2009 by Michal Chelbin. Image featured on The Journal of Grievances, Vol. II. 2020.
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