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The Journal of Grievances Open Call Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a submission fee?

Yes, although it will vary acording to the needs of each of the projects. Submission fee goes towards production and running costs. We don’t take a profit, it’s all to build community, fund this space and share the fantastic work that is discovered through each of the open-calls. 

How many images can I submit?


What is the deadline?


How and where can I submit?

Stay up to date with with our Instagram page as we will be announcing future open-calls and their respective guidelines and timelines.

How is the work selected?

We will select submissions based on the works submitted, the interpretation of the theme and how well submissions follow the brief. No outside factors will be taken into consideration when assessing the work, our decision-making process is unbiased. The criteria for selecting the work will be reserved to the curator/s involved in each of the open-calls.
How many pieces of my submitted work will be used?


We will email selected artists a week after submissions are closed. That will be followed by a public announcement on our social media.

What are the benefits of my work being selected? Do I get a free copy of The Journal Of Grievances if my work is selected?

Benefits for the selected artist will vary with each open-call.

Is my work going to be modified or edited in any form?

Your work won't be modified in any form for the printed product other than pre-printing adjustments. Important information related to image handling will be shared with selected artists. For digital content, your work may be cropped to meet the different platforms’ requirements and layouts.

Do the photographs that I submit have to be my own original work?

YES! Only original work created/taken by the applicant must be submitted. Any other form of work, including modifications or ownership of someone else's work will not be taken into consideration.

What are the copyrights?

Artists keep 100% of their works’ rights. You are giving Antics Publications the right to print your photographs along with your name, and use those photographs for any promotional purposes or for online promotion on various platforms, but you always keep the rights to your work.

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