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FOOL’S PARADISE / The journal Of Grievances, Vol.III

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Published on October 2020
Hard Cover
8.5 x 10.5”
Tip on image on spot debossed cover
Spot deboss on back cover
Digital print on glossy paper + insert on bristol paper
88 pages
Edition of 150

The Journal Of Grievances, Vol.III is a group publication dedicated to personal exploration. It portrays a substantial and unbiased view of a multiverse of experiences. A glimpse into worlds both odd and ordinary, where landscapes blend the tangible and the illusory. Quotidian scenarios resembling dreamlike aesthetics.

Invited Artist:
Michal Chelbin

Ada Zielinska, Alexandre Silberman, Alys Tomlinson, Ana Zibelnik, André Viking, Anne Eder, Annie Frame, Ben Huff, Callum Royle, Dan Moga, Daniel Loveday, Daniel Rampulla, David Nelson Hospers, Evan Perkins, Fred Mitchell, Giuseppe Lacorazza, Guy Greenberg, Harlan Crichton, Jenia Fridlyand, John David Richardson, Jorge Valdivieso Guerra, Judith Black, Kristan Klimczak, Matthew Carroll, Matthew Shaw, Mikaela Martin, Paul Cohen, Sam Angel

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