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2021 - Fall

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The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 4

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2020 - Spring

Michal Chelbin
Fool’s Paradise
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 3

2020 - Winter

Julia Gillard
Among My Souvenirs
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 2

2019 - Fall 

Michael E. Northrup
The Inconveniences of Calamities
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 1



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Fool’s Paradise

The Journal Of Grievances. Volume 3 

Let your photos show us a glimpse into worlds both odd and ordinary. The landscapes blending the tangible and the illusory. Quotidian scenarios resembling dreamlike aesthetics.

Key-words: Post-Truth - Reverie - Escapism - Duality

* The Journal Of Grievances:

Quarterly published themed group publication. The journal serves as a unique platform for independent photographers of all experience levels to showcase their work alongside professional and renowned photographers. The publication, nostalgic in its character, compiles work that is meant to explore lurking feelings and varying perspectives, creating a space for imagery dialogue where the artists can manifest emotions creatively and keep a record in hope for guidance and future reference.

Photograph by special guest Michal Chelbin
from Strangely Familiar.


  • Select the number of submissions (3 photos per submission, multiple submissions are allowed per artist) and add it to your shopping cart

  • Submit your payment (Submission fee goes towards production and the continuity of the publication)

  • Email files to books@an-tics.com>books@an-tics.com with a copy of your payment confirmation - Files must be sent to books@an-tics.com only once payment has been submitted. Any submission without prior payment or failing to meet the guidelines will not be taken into consideration


Make sure you have a good look at our latest volume for image and post production quality. All files should be prepared for print, so please do stick with the following file guidelines:

  • Files must be at least 11 inches on its longest side with a 300 dpi resolution
  • Label each file with your name and numeration (example: firstname_lastname_1.jpg)
  • Attach the files individually to the body of your email (no links or compress folders)
  • Add your first and last name, full address, website/Instagram handle to the body of the email
  • For more detailed information about copyrights, images handling and guidelines visit our FAQ page here