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Antics Publications

Antics Publications

Home-based publisher
New York/Bogotá
Est. 2018

The Journal of Grievances, Vol III

Fool’s paradise

BRIEF - Let your photos show us a glimpse into worlds both odd and ordinary. The landscapes blending the tangible and the illusory. Quotidian scenarios resembling dreamlike aesthetics. Key-words: Post-Truth - Reverie - Escapism - Duality

The Journal of Grievances is a unique platform for independent photographers of all experience levels to showcase their work alongside professional and renowned artists. The publication, nostalgic in character, compiles work that explores lurking feelings and varying perspectives, creating a space for imagery dialogue where artists can manifest emotions creatively and keep a record in hope for guidance and future reference.

In a more physical form the Journal started as a quarterly print publication and is now biannually published in summer and winter. Its format, theme and artists featured, change with each open call hosted as well as the release and gallery events that have taken place both digitally and physically.

Photograph by special artist Michal Chelbin from Strangely Familiar


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