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The Journal Of Grievances Collection

The Journal Of Grievances is a unique platform for independent photographers of all experience levels to showcase their work alongside professional and renowned photographers. Previous volumes include names such as Michal E. Northrup, Julia Gillard, Kent Andreasen, Jenia Fridlyand, Alys Tomlinson and Michal Chelbin.


Volume 4

2021 - Winter/Spring
Theme: Collected Tales
Invited artist: Judith Black
Invited joint curator: Jenia Fridlyand from Image Threads

Status: Open for submissions
Deadline: Extended deadline April 20th 11:59 EST

Status: Closed for submissions


Volume 3

2020 - Summer/Fall
Theme: Fool’s Paradise
Invited artist: Michal Chelbin

Status: Ended

Volume 2

2020 - Winter
Theme: Among My Souvenirs
Invited artist: Julia Gillard

Status: Ended

Volume 1

2019 - Fall
Theme: The Inconvenience of Calamities
Invited artist: Michael E. Northrup

Status: Ended

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Photograph by Chris Bernsten
Featured in The Journal Of Grievances, Vol. 2 - Among My Souvenirs

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