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The Journal Of Grievances Collection


Volume 4

2021 - Winter/Spring
Theme: Collected Tales
Invited artist: Judith Black
Invited joint curator: Jenia Fridlyand from Image Threads

Status: Open for submissions
Deadline: April 10th 11:59 EST

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Volume 3

2020 - Summer/Fall
Theme: Fool’s Paradise
Invited artist: Michal Chelbin

Status: Ended

Volume 2

2020 - Winter
Theme: Among My Souvenirs
Invited artist: Julia Gillard

Status: Ended

Volume 1

2019 - Fall
Theme: The Inconvenience of Calamities
Invited artist: Michael E. Northrup

Status: Ended

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Photograph by Chris Bernsten
Featured in The Journal Of Grievances, Vol. 2 - Among My Souvenirs

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