Upcoming open calls

2021 - Fall

Opening in January 2021
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 4

Past open calls

2020 - Spring

Michal Chelbin
Fool’s Paradise
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 3

2020 - Winter

Julia Gillard
Among My Souvenirs
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 2

2019 - Fall 

Michael E. Northrup
The Inconveniences of Calamities
The Journal Of Grievances
Vol. 1



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Antics Publications

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What is The Journal Of Grievances?

The Journal Of Grievances is a quarterly themed group open call with a final printed publication.

The journal serves as a unique platform for independent photographers of all experience levels to showcase their work alongside professional and renowned photographers. The publication, nostalgic in its character, compiles work that is meant to explore lurking feelings and varying perspectives, creating a space for imagery dialogue where the artists can manifest emotions creatively and keep a record in hope for guidance and future reference.

Is there a submission fee?

Yes. There is a $5 submission fee to submit. Submission fee goes towards production of a quarterly book, we don’t take a profit, it’s all to build community and share your work.

How many images can I submit?

Up to 3 photographs per submission, unlimited submissions per artist.

What is the deadline?

The deadline is 06/27/2020 midnight EST time.

How and where can I submit?

Visit The Journal Of Grievances by clicking here

How is the work selected?

We will decide based on work submitted and the interpretation of the theme, any other factors will not be taken into consideration when assessing the work, our decision making will remain unbiased .Submissions are not judged as a series but as one piece work. Your work can be chosen as a stand alone photograph, or more than one may be selected.

How will I find out if my work is selected?

We will email selected artists a week after submissions are closed.

Do I get a free copy of The Journal Of Grievances if my work is selected?

No. Free copies for the selected artist were available for the first open call we did for The Journal Of Grievances as a special gift for the selfless support they gave us during the first year of this publication.

Is my work going to be modified or edited in any form?

The only time we would modify your work would be to crop it if required to match the layout of the Journal.

Do the photographs that I submit have to be my own original work?

YES! Photographs that have not been taken by the applicant will not be taken into consideration.

What are the copyrights?

The artists keep 100% of their work rights. You are giving Antics Publications the right to print your photographs along with your name, and use those photographs for any promotional purposes or for online promotion on various platforms, but you always keep the rights to your work.

*At Antics publications we are always working on developing ideas and ways of non-discriminatory interaction between artists in the photography community. Our commitment to inclusion is what drives us forward every day.