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COLLECTED TALES / The Journal of Grievances, Vol.IV

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Published on January 2022
6.9 x 9”
Sadle stich
Tip on image on debossed back cover
Digital print on uncoated paper
Matt Laminated slipcase
11 Booklets
Edition of 100

Traversing scenes from an ancient city in Italy, to deep Bavarian forests, to suburban family life in Boston, U.S., the ten selected photographers showcase unique tales of their own telling through a short series of photographs, accompanied by ten short tales in a separate book by writer George Weld. Their collected tales are then interwoven into a larger body of work exploring shared themes of storytelling across borders, time zones and landscapes, from moments of intense isolation to total freedom.

This publication was edited and curated in collaboration with Image Threads through a series of one-on-one sessions with the participating artists and a group critique call with Judith Black.  

Collected Tales index (in order of appearance)

Laura - Judith Black (invited artist)
Pictures of birds - Alana Perino
Sanitá - Ciro Battiloro
Unternächte - Elena Helfrecht
Magdalena - Felipe Romero Beltrán
Painting the sky with a name I don’t remember - Harrison Miller
Halfway to spring - Ilya Nikitin
To shoot the sun - Isabella Convertino
Sound without echo - Maxwell LaBelle
Where the light no longer falls - Robin Bernstein
Channels - George Weld (invited writer)

Curated and edited in collaboration with Image Threads
Index illustration by Wilson J. Melo
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