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Photograph by Judith Black
Pre-order / The Journal of Grievances Vol. IV

Collected Tales

The new volume of The Journal of Grievances, set to be an 11-piece anthology, features photo series by nine photographers from around the world, a photo series by our invited artist Judith Black and a collection of ten short short tales by writer George Weld.

Edited and co-curated by Image Threads

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Pre-order/ Elena Helfrecht & Teri Varhol


Elena Helfrecht and Teri Varhol’s debut photobook is a compilation of their two stories, ‘The Swallow’ and ‘The Cage’. These act like telegrams between worlds, merging distant places into a single space as the pair navigate Prague, London, Bavaria and the Alps during the global lockdowns of 2020 and 2021.

In Augury, sublime landscapes and natural phenomena take on the surreal and fantastic as the artists capture them through layers of mysticism. Iconography and superstition are woven together to create visceral narratives of distorted consciousness, nature’s mutations and the constant tension between light and dark, inside and outside.

As writer Krasimira Butseva observes in the book’s introduction, the viewer is led through crosses marking the stalks of trees, windows concealed, a nest of wasps, mist, an opening in the sky, an author's wound and an onion tree.
“Flipping the pages, a sense of nostalgia comes to the surface – a longing for what has been in contrast to what is now. It provides space to detach our thoughts from the real without feeling guilty. The combination of documentary and staged photographs forms an arbitrary narrative, just as if one was in a dream.”

“A succession of carefully sequenced images composes the journal. Each is distinct, yet flows into the next without disjuncture. The white of a husky’s coat echoes an unmade bed, pillows and duvets rumbled beneath the pink of an illuminated sky; a car’s back window, crawling with small snakes precedes a sinuous Goosebumps tattoo adorning an individual’s back.”

- British Journal of Photography

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