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Antics Publications

Home-based publisher
Est. 2018

Among My Souvenirs

The Journal Of Grievances, Volume 2 
1st Edition

Open call hosted by Antics Publications between January and March 2020

Published by Antics Publications, 2020 - AP010

Gloss soft cover + Soft touch lamination
8.5 x 11"
Perfect Bound
84 Pages, gloss full color

Special Featured Guest: Julia Gillard

Contributors: Antonia Adomako, Sheryl Anaya, Kent Andreasen, Chris Berntsen, Karianne Bueno, Kris Alan Carter, Michal Chelbin, David Egan, Lewis Ferris, Julia Gillard, Lindsay Godin, Helena Goñi, Elena Helfrecht, Chandler Hubbard, Sam Light, Morganna Magee, Giulia Parlato, Michalis Poulas, Jaime Salazar, Tabitha Timm, Fiona Véronique and Che Yeh.

“One of my favorite photos of you is the one where you are on the roof of our house, bending a wire structure into place for the roses to hold on to as they grow taller, now covering the full length of our building’s façade. The sky is blue, the way it is in this city, the roses are in full bloom, and although barely visible, you are wearing my favorite pants of yours. The way you hold up your arms makes it look as though you are dancing. You must have used so much strength to reach the roof from the top of the ladder, which only goes halfway up the length of the building. The photo itself, a little grainy, is not particularly interesting, but it connotes a harmony I feel between home, love, and nature, in a country I was not born in but live.
Through the lens I reach to you, and from the roof you reach to the sky. The already present distance between photographer and photographed becomes amplified. We will never assume the same position towards each other again, a simultaneous pulling away from and toward each other. I have forgotten the actual moment, but the photograph remembers.”

From opening essay by Lara Schoorl.